Battle Between Puppy Vs Doorstop


Have you ever seen a puppy do something so cute and adorable you just had to take your video camera and record it? Any dog owner will tell you that their puppy just did the cutest thing in the world. They will record their puppy and show the whole world how adorable their pet is.

Well this adorable little pup has the whole world laughing. It sees something interesting behind the door and will stop at nothing to see what it is. It creeps in so it doesn’t scare this thing away and then it takes a bite only for it to go boing!

The puppy is a little bewildered but instead of leaving it alone, it begins to think of how fun this doorstop is to play with. There is nothing short of laughter as the puppy keeps going and going and biting and making it boing.

You will never be bored with this puppy around. All the viewers love this little one and can watch this over and over again. Each time they see it, they laugh a little more. You won’t get tired, so keep watching and laughing!