Celebrating Sebastian’s Birthday With A Lot Of Cake


It is Sebastian’s big day and you wish to make it really special. So you decide to do something truly exciting for Sebastian.

Just have a look at how excited Sebastian is on this day! Seems that even he is well aware of this day and looking forward to a real big treat today! Just look at him rolling on the floor, and the happiness is written large on its face!

You cannot avoid singing the Happy Birthday song when your dog is so happy and waiting in anticipation. So the whole family has to do this for Sebastian. Now is the time to put on those birthday caps and get that special cake for him. It is a dog cake, which means no sugar.

Just watch in glee as he laps up the treat. Oh, he loves it! He simply eats up the entire cake and does not leave any crumbs at all. A real reward for all your effort! And the little girls can do their bit by offering him cupcakes. Now this is a birthday that Sebastian is not going to forget. In fact, he would be eagerly awaiting the next one!