Dog Eating in Hoodie like Humans


Our pets are our best friends. They are honorary family members so to say. We love them so much they make us laugh. This dog is hilarious with its human using their hands to eat food at the table.

It really will put a smile on your face when you watch as the dog gobbles down the food. Take a look and you surely will get a kick out of this. If animals could talk I am sure this dog and its friends will be laughing too.

Since dogs love food so much, I know it does not mind being dressed in a hoodie and eating the food at the table. Our dogs love to be around us when we eat so it is no wonder this dog does not mind.

Labs on the other hand are the comedians of the dog world. They do the silliest things and will let you do anything as long as you get a laugh out of it. I find it very amusing that they let us dress them up and do funny things with them. Sit back, enjoy, and laugh!