Ever Heard Of Lion Prank?


There have been times when there have been all kinds of pranks, like dog pranks, cat pranks and so on. But no one has ever heard of a lion prank. A lion playing a prank…..? Now that is really scary!

How will it be like waiting at the riverside watching the boats floating in the water and suddenly a lion decides to pay you a visit? Now this is not a dog that you can just shoo away. This is a big mighty wild cat. So all that you can do, is to scramble as fast as you can to your car and speed away. You would not mind leaving all your stuff behind too. After all, your life is more important than any of your picnic stuff.

How about taking a leisurely walk and suddenly finding a lion running behind you? The walk turns into a sprint as you run for safety.

What if someone tells you at a barbecue party that a circus lion has been let loose? And suddenly the lion appears and you run for cover. But eventually, the police will take charge and you will realize that it was just a dog!