Ever Seen Dog As A Foster Mom?


Rescue Dog Charlie has become like a foster parent for the kitten, Phoenix. It takes care of the kitten just like a parent would.

Phoenix gets ample protection from other dogs with the help of Charlie. This is because the dog checks it out all the time. It keeps a close watch on the kitten as it plays or sleeps or just lazes around.

Charlie is well aware that Phoenix needs a lot of cuddling, nudging and care and affection. Hence you would be amazed to see the amount of love being showered by Charlie on Phoenix.

Get amused while Charlie watches over Phoenix playing around. This is a highly playful kitten that loves to hide beneath cabinets, behind curtains and sit on window sill. Charlie shows its responsible self while Phoenix is engrossed in all these activities.

Maybe Charlie is so responsible because it had itself been a foster pup once. It was well taken care of and now it is showing the same care towards the foster kitten, Phoenix.

Just watching these two playing around, taking care of each other and loving each other is so much fun and loads of entertainment!