Funny siberian husky playing in leaves


Your chores are done, you raked the leaves, now it is time to sit back and relax. But wait, your husky was not done what he needs to do. What is he doing? Having fun at your expense! But you can’t get mad, because he is so adorable when he runs around and has the most fun he had in some time.

You will just grab your video camera and record this because it is just too cute. You will show your neighbors too because you want them to enjoy what you were enjoying. Our furry friends are here for us and not just to comfort us, but to entertain us as well. And they do a great job!

This husky find the simplest things in life to be so enjoyable. He just runs and runs and swishes through the raked up yard. It even seems like he is playing hide and go seek. I think deep down inside he knows just what his humans and his audience needs to have a great day. So watch and be amused!