Golden Retriever Finds A Lot More On The Racing Track


If you thought that racing and winning was everything, then think again. While many dogs understood what humans wanted on the racing track and decided to follow it, this golden retriever surely had a mind of its own. It knew what it wanted, and that definitely was neither a run nor a win. After all, there is something much more interesting than all that. And do you know what that is…..?

Food! And this is exactly what the golden retriever did. It did not matter how much the owner shouted or how much the audience cheered. It knew what it wanted. How can a finish line possibly be more interesting than a plate of food? More important, each plate of food had to be seen, checked, tasted and then it was time to move on. And well, the race can wait!

Well, the other dogs are welcome to do what they wanted. But this golden retriever knew what was important. Hence it did exactly that. Without looking here and there, it just focused on the food plates and their contents. Once one plate was over, it was time for the second one and so on!