Golden Retriever Fits Four Tennis Balls in His Mouth


Golden Retrievers are said to have a heart of gold. Other than their golden fur, they were given this name because of their sweet temperament and willingness to please their masters. So what can your golden furry friend do for you?

It’s not what they can do for you; it is what they will do for you. And they will do everything they can until you are happy. Maybe what they will do for you is perform the tricks that you ask of them. Well you know they are keen on playing fetch, but did you ever think about how many things they will fetch at one time?

How about one tennis ball, or maybe two, no wait, this guy can fit more in his mouth. It is so cute and so funny to see the effort behind this pooch and what he will do to get a laugh out of his human companions. For some reason, this guy doesn’t see how funny his trick is, but I know you will. So go ahead and smile!