Jenga Cat


Games such as Jenga are great fun for the family. Maybe you play with your friends, or your children, or even your mom and dad, but did you ever play with a cat? There is one cat genius that loves to play Jenga with its human pal.

When people play, they get to know Jenga as the most suspenseful game to play compared to all the other games in the world. It get especially more fun when you play with your own cat. This cat loves to play the game and is very good at it.

This awesome Jenga playing cat’s name is Moe, and he is one of the best Jenga playing cats of all time. In fact, I do not know any more cats that can play the game at all. Before you know it, this Jenga kitty will be all over the Internet. There will be Memes of him and his owner playing the game and people will share it and it will become viral.

Already when you watch the cat and his human play, you can see that it makes the game look so much more fun than playing it with just your human friends!