Let Your Baby Bears Enjoy Surfing!


Carl Lives in Florida where he has kept a number of animals for educational purposes. Most interesting among these are his two baby bears.

These bears love to be fed milk through milk bottles. They are quite hungry and have a huge requirement. Hence one bottle is not enough. They need 4 to 5 bottles at one time. Carl enjoys giving them milk through bottles and wants to continue it for as long as possible. He says it creates a special bond which will last a lifetime.

You need to see the fun that these bears have in the pool. Before that, Carl takes them to the splash pool where they have some fun. Next, they are taken to the big pool. Here. Carl has made a surfboard for them so that they are able to have a lot of fun together.

Not to be missed are the tigers, alligators and other animals over here. You cannot miss the fun they all have here. Watch them surfing, playing ball and generally playing with each other. You would simply be lost in this kind of amazing human and animal co-habitation and understanding with each other!