Making Rhett Happy On His Birthday


Been thinking and thinking what to give your dog on its birthday? Cakes, toys have already been given. And you wish to something new, something different and something longer lasting this time. So what to do?

Thought about giving it a new pup? Yes, an absolutely tiny and lovable pup! Now you are not just giving Rhett a birthday gift. You are giving it companionship for life.

Just notice the excitement on Rhett’s face as it opens the box and finds the puppy. The feeling is simply overwhelming.

Now watch as Rhett and the new pup get friendly and play around. In fact, you would just love watching how protective Rhett is getting about this new pup. Enjoy as he shows the pup the playground, toys, playthings and the ball and so on.

Enjoy the excitement as Rhett runs around the new pup. There is an air of protection coming from Rhett! He is simply excited with this new pup and is enjoying this birthday gift a lot. Just see him prancing around the playground and taking care of this new pup like his own. You have given Rhett a gift of a lifetime!