Man Turned His House Into A Cat Amusement Playland


If you thought that cats were only for models and fashion, then you need to visit this house which has real catwalks….which means walkways where cats can walk and have fun….real fun!

The owners had bought this house in 1988. They got two cats along with it. One of their cats met with an accident and died. This is when they decided to make it safe and happy for the other cat. They decided to go to a shelter and buy some other cats in order to give it company. Now they have 15 cats in all.

You need to see this house to believe it. It is designed for cats. There are walkways running around the house. There are tunnels, play areas and much more. In fact, everything has been designed keeping the cats in mind, as it is basically their house!

There are times when these cats get up at two in the morning and run around the house chasing each other making a lot of noise. But the owners have nothing to complain. They love their cats and all the fun that they have with them. In fact, there is a pond with fishes too but the cats do not eat them!