Parrot Asks Owner “Really!?”


Parrots are very smart birds! From learning to speak to repeating what you say, they seem to have an understanding of the human world that we may never fully understand. It seems they are around to entertain us in more ways than one.

This pretty yellow parrot has quite the personality. While her human is ready to take photos, the bird seems to think this is a toy. Curiously the parrot inspects and pecks at the camera. How cute! Her mom thinks she is trying to eat the camera instead.

Don’t eat my camera says mom. “Really?” says the parrot. Still curious as to what this piece of equipment can do and if her mom is really serious about not eating the camera, the parrot continues to peck at it thinking something different will happen each time.

This is video that will make you LOL and no wonder so many people find this bird to be a sensation. There is no doubt in my mind that you will find this as entertaining as I did! You “really” will have a great time watching!