This Puppy Killed It – Best Proposal Ever


Robert wanted to make his proposal different and unique. He decided to introduce a pup in the whole process. And he wanted to film it all. After all, you do not propose every day, do you? So he decided to film it himself and even got two of his friends in order to film the entire process.

Robert just sneaked in the office. And he decided to send the puppy in first. Now his girlfriend was already pleased with the puppy. This made the perfect environment in which Robert was sure that his proposal was about to get accepted.

As she cuddled the lovable pup and adored it, Robert decided to pop the question and present the ring. Now the environment had been set up in such a way by Robert that she simply had no option but to accept!

And Robert was well prepared. He had the champagne ready, and the flowers and everything else. The congratulations poured in. It was an ordinary day, which Robert made special in his unique way. The pup made it different. And Robert decided to make a recording of it all. Now he had memories to last a lifetime!