This Pup Enjoys Its Shower Bath


Ever tried giving a shower bath to a pup? Just watch this rescued pup being given a shower bath and see the bliss on its face!

This pup has been rescued in Dallas, Texas and Claire is talking about how happy her three rescued pups are.

Claire knows well how important it is to keep the pups clean. Hence she gives them a shower. The pups are so happy that they almost go to sleep while they are being given a bath.

Just giving bath is not enough for these pups. They need food, shelter and a lot of love. They have to be given milk through bottles. They need milk every 2-3 hours. Claire is providing them this and much more.

Watch these three pups snuggle close to each other and feel warm and comfortable in the company of each other. They play around and are very friendly.

But what you really enjoy is watching them being given a shower. While Claire does it for keeping them clean, it is the pups that are enjoying it a lot. It is so amusing to watch these pups close their eyes as water flows all over them!