This Magic Trick is Just too Damn Good for this Monkey


So how intelligent are our cousin primates? Studies have shown that they can think and solve puzzles, but can they be amused? This little guy seems to love what his visitor does and give him a big smile.

You will smile too because the look on this monkey’s face is priceless and have you ever seen this before? I know that I haven’t and I have been to the zoo many times. It really goes to show that there is so much we don’t know about the animal world, but if you were to do this to your cat or dog, they probably wouldn’t be amused.

I am glad to know that there are other creatures out there that can share in similar expressions, but I will always wonder, what are they really thinking? I am just love to believe that this little one is really amused and you will be too once you see why. Take a look and enjoy the video!