You Won’t Believe But This Parrot Can Do a Tap Dance


Just when you thought you were a great dancer, you may be outdone by this little parrot. When the music starts, his little feet get going one hundred miles per minute. These birds really are smart! And they sure know how to dance!

If they are not trying to talk to you, or eat your camera, or perch on your shoulder, then they are certainly trying to find their way into your heart. It is not every day that you can say you saw a bird tap dance to a country song, but once you see this, you will probably think, “just when I thought I saw everything…”

So can he hold a beat as good as you? Why don’t you try this parrot tap dance and see how well you do compared to our feathery friend! While you are at it, maybe you can grab your partner and do-si-do? You will dance until you drop or die of laughter first. Watch and see!